Sunday, March 21, 2010

My 2nd Birthday by Ben W

Yesterday was my second Birthday.  We had friends over for family game night to celebrate.  On Friday Mom was cleaning the house to get ready for company so I thought I would help her out.  First I got myself a snack.    I was not sure what that loud screaming Mom was doing was all about so I tried to look as innocent as possible.  I think she bought it.

Seriously I think I should be a Cheerio model.  Thank you General Mills for sending us that free box and all the coupons.   It certainly worked.  My brothers and I love them.

Then while Mom was in the kitchen cleaning up, I decided to go help out elsewhere.  That bathroom door does not always latch when you close it so I thought I would check it out.   Sure enough, I hit pay dirt.  Mom's screech got a little bit higher pitched when she saw me with my head and arms under the toilet lid, while I was cleaning the toilet with my hat.   Then I got to play in the water at the sink while she made me wash really good.  I have the best time in that bathroom.  To bad they usually remember to shut and latch the door.
Then Mom said it was time for me to be the biggest helper of all.  It was only 11:00 in the morning, but I was getting sleepy from all my hard work.   So we had a quick snack for lunch and I got to go play in my crib.  Mom said I did a good job helping her by taking a nice long nap. 

Finally my Birthday party time arrived.  I had so many nice friends and their families come over to play with me.  We even got to eat spaghetti.  Mom let me have my own plate and told me to go for it.  I ate 4 plates full. Not sure why everyone kept coming in the kitchen and laughing at me though.

Then it was time for cake.  My brothers picked out a yummy chocolate one for me.  Not sure why everyone around me was making blowing noises, because I just liked looking at the pretty candle.  Then they had to go and blow it out.  No messy cake pictures for me this year.  My Daddy helped me eat my cake so I stayed nice and clean.  One major clean-up a day is enough for me.   I had so much sugar, and there was so much excitement, that I did not go to bed until 11:30.  But I really had a fun Birthday.  Thanks Everyone!