Monday, June 30, 2014

Signing Time Sale Extended

The Signing Time Best Sale of the Year has been extended to July 1, 2014.  It includes DVD's, books, CD's and flashcards, and also our entire Digital line of products. The same code  2day40 will save you 40% off site wide of either the digital site or the regular shopping site.  Personally, now that I have both Regular product and virtual product, I have to say I love the digital DVD's, books, and music.  I never have to worry about lost or scratched disc's any more and Ben can get into the app and access whatever he wants to watch on his own.  Check it out for yourself and see which you prefer.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Signing Time's Best Sale of the Year!

Don't miss out on the Best Signing Time Sale of the Year.  The discount is good off EVERYTHING that even includes digital.  But hurry, the sale will only last 2 days!
I can not begin to say how much the Signing Time program has meant to our family.  It helps us daily to communicate with our 6 year old son, with Down syndrome.  It help teach him to sight read when he was only two.  And it is something that every family can use to quickly learn ASL signs that can have a huge impact on your children. 
Teaching sign language to babies, toddlers and school age children can help build vocabulary, reduce frustration, increase IQ, promote whole body learning and  boost working memory.  WIth all these benefits, why wouldn't you want to teach your child to sign?  With 40% off there is no better time to check out Signing Time for yourself. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 NDSC Convention


YIKES!  I seriously thought I had 3 weeks left until the NDSC 2014 Convention, but as of today there are less than 2 weeks left to go.  How did time go so fast?  I realized it was getting close when I downloaded the super cool NDSC Convention app today and it told me there were 14 days until the event started.  Wow this app is really slick.  Already I know that ABC Signing Kids will be at booth 38 and the DSAF of NE will be right next door at booth 39 in Griffin Hall and there is even a handy map to tell me where to find those spots. Here is a list of all the Exhibitors 

So if you are going to Indy and you have a smart phone, I highly recommend you download this app.  Then look me up and say Hi at the Signing Time booth, or at the Signing Time Workshop "Jumpstart Your Child's Speech and Language Engine Using Sign Language in room 313 on Sunday July 13th from 10:30 to 12.   It is going to be a great trip!
See You in Indy!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Ups and Downs of T-Ball

Ben enjoyed playing t-ball with his class again this year.  He loved hitting the ball and running the bases and he tolerated standing in the field waiting for a ball to come.  Here are some photos from a game where he chose not to follow the rules and hopefully learned an important lesson.

Hitting the ball is lots of fun.

 So is running the bases.

 Playing in the dirt can be lots of fun too!

 So can pretending to catch the ball with your hat and pretending to sweep your arm down to tag a runner out.  (even when you are playing short stop and no where near a base).  

 When Mom and Dan notice when you are messing around with your hat and not paying attention to the game,  Mom and Dad take will take away your hat and make your really sad.  

Coaches can help feel better about losing your hat (and protect you from balls being hit your direction.

 Brothers can help you feel better too.

 And sometimes it takes brothers and friends to cheer you up. 

 But in the end, playing t-ball with your friends and getting to run on the field makes you forget all about your mean parents who took your hat. 


Friday, June 13, 2014


I have boys and I live on a farm.  For those of you who live in the city, boys who live on farms where the yard is far away from the road and there are lots of outbuilding to hide what your are doing......pee outside.  They don't bother to come in from an exciting baseball game, or from working on a tractor to relieve themselves, they just step around a building and get the job done. 

About a week ago, we were out working with the goats and Ben was with us when he grabbed his pants and said. "Mom!  Potty!.  I knew we would never make it back to the house with dry pants, so I hauled him over to the barn, pulled down his pants, pointed to a spot on the wall and said pee.  Now, first of all, I have to say the boy has to do a little work on his aim, cause his pants still got plenty wet, but he was able to hit the "spot" at least a couple times.  After he was done, we went in and changed, then went back outside.  And I kind of forgot about it. 

Until tonight.

Once again we were back outside.  Ben was hitting golf balls, right next to the house when he said, "Mom! Potty! and he threw down his club, and took off trucking, all the way across the yard to the barn where he whipped down his pants and proceeded to pee on the exact same  spot on the wall.  Working memory issues?  Not today.  It cracks me up that he was right next to the house!  It would have have been way faster to just go in there!  For the record, he still needs to work on his aim.:(

Just one more in a long line of things that I wished I had never taught my boys!  Any guesses on how long it will take him to un-learn it? 

It's T-Ball Time!

Ben loves playing t-ball.  Just like a lot of the other kids he likes to hit the ball, field the ball and play in the dirt.  He has a good sense of how to run the bases and even has a pretty good arm.  His catching needs a little work, but all the kids could use some help in that department.  Enjoy some photos of Ben's first t-ball game.