Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can you believe it has been 10 years?

I know I'm not ready to have a 10 year old. That means that I will be that much closer to having a teenager. EEK! Ready or not, I will have a 10 year old tomorrow.

We started our weekend of celebration yesterday by going to Skate Daze in Omaha for a play event with the OPDSN. I was hoping we would get to meet a few more parents, but we got there a bit late, and most of the parents were chasing down their kids to take them home by the time we got there. Maybe next time.

Next we had a late lunch at the Amazing Pizza Machine. The boys enjoyed glow golf, go carts and lots of games. John did very well with the Deal or No Deal game where he got down to 2 suitcases for the 2 highest amounts (200 and 400 tickets). He ended up taking the deal for 300 which was a good thing because he had 200 in his case. After playing the games the boys had another light snack at the buffet, before going shopping.

Ben enjoyed all the noise and action. He was showing off his sitting skills at Skate Daze, and enjoyed sitting up in a big chair at the pizza buffet. He had apple sauce, banana pudding, jello and bread.

Today we enjoyed the lunch buffet at Mahoney State Park. Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Steve and his family were able to join us to celebrate both the B-day and Grandma and Grandpa's 45th anniversary.

Tomorrow will be treats at school, and the final day of the celebration.

Noah is continuing to have a rough time with giving up the thumb habit. He can have a rational discussion about it during the day, but at night time when he really needs to suck it, it is a whole different story. We may have to break down and get the plate put in yet.

I'm having problems getting the pictures downloaded, but will add them to this post as soon as I can get the battery recharged on the camera.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's time for Basket Ball and more

It was a pretty busy week for the Willey family. John had his first basket ball game last weekend in Murray during and ice storm. Just getting there and back was exciting. They won 46 to 4. I think they scored more points during that game than they did all last season.

Noah saying, put me in Dad... I want to play!

John inbounding the ball.

Coaches Rick and Randy inspiring the boys.

John passing the ball instead of shooting, like he was instructed to do. (We were up by 25 points at this point)

Baby Ben had an appointment at Hand Prints and Foot Steps, a pediatric therapy clinic in Lincoln. He was evaluated for positional plagiocephaly - aka a stiff neck. They thought maybe he could not turn his head to the right very well due to tight muscles. They found that while he can turn his neck farther to the left than he can the right, it was not really a big problem. He is also to the age where he is not about to let anyone stretch him out, so we will just keep trying to make him look to the right more by putting his toys on his right, laying him on his right, etc.

Here is a picture of Ben enjoying his bath.

Noah also had a pretty good week. While he is still struggling with the thumb sucking, he is at least trying. He went to sleep 3 night in a row with out sucking his thumb. He still woke up in the night and took his glove off, but at least we know now that he can do it. We are very proud of his efforts.

Here is Noah snuggling with his baby brother.

John also played in Syracuse yesterday. They played two back to back games against Syracuse's A and B squads at 8:30 in the morning, ugh! They won the first game by 4 points, but lost the second game by 4 points. Overall they did really good. When they listened and executed their plays well, they got an open shot every time. They did not always make the shot, but hey, they are only 4th graders. The point is just to learn and have fun.

We are off to another game in Louisville now. They are always very tough competitors, so hopefully we can stick with them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Picutres, a bit late...

Finally got around to uploading some pictures from the Christmas celebration we had last weekend at Randy's parents house. His sister Pam was there with her 3 Italian greyhounds. Brother Steve came with his wife Shannon, and kids Emma and Sam. These pictures are from the gift opening.

Grand kids eagerly awaiting the adults getting their act together so they could open presents.

Ben showing off a bow in his hair.

Aunt Pam and her new frog.

Riley in the Christmas Spirit.

John with his new Webkinz.