Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Baseball and Surgery Time!

We have our first full week of baseball under our belt.  Since last Saturday we have been to 5 games.  So far there have not been any wins for our teams, but we have seen great improvement in the boys since last year. 
 Noah's game was first on Saturday, with a crisp temperature of 47degrees with a cold wind blowing out of the North.  Not the best start to the year.  Ben and I stayed in the van the whole game and watched Signing Time over and over again.  Note to self....put more videos in the van so we don't have to watch the same one multiple times.  It was hard keeping him occupied in the van for 2 1/2 hours, and he almost escaped a couple times, but some how we did it.  Noah did get to pitch a little and did a good job.  Not bad for his first time pitching ever.   

 Game two for Noah was a night game but it was cool and crisp that night too.  He got to try his hand at another one of his favorite positions, catcher.  His favorite positions are first, short, pitcher and catcher and he does a good job at all of them.

 Game 3 for Noah gave another opportunity for him to pitch.  He did awesome.  In the first three innings he only allowed 1 hit and struck out the rest of the batters.  Unfortunately in the 4th inning there were quite a few hits, and due to some fielding difficulties they gave up 4 runs.  Not bad for his first year in kid pitch baseball and his second time pitching ever.  Yeah Noah.

Randy work with him to get his motion down on Tuesday night and it really helped him get in the zone at Wednesdays game

 Batting was another story.  Noah is usually an aggressive batter, but this game he went down looking.   That is OK Noah, you will hit one next game.

 Ben was enjoying Joy's sunglasses, until he broke them.

 He also swiped Konrad's hat.  Swiper no swiping!

 Finally it was John's turn to play.  He got to start out pitching and did an awesome job too.  He had a couple walks, but not too many.  There were some big hits in the 3rd inning and Waverly jumped out to a comfortable lead.  But don't count these boys out yet.  The came back to tie the game and ended up losing by one extra innings. 
  John puffs out his cheeks before he throws.  It cracks me up.

John had some solid hits and is getting better each game. It is going to be a fun year!
Way to go John!  We are so proud of you!

We did not stay long for John's game last night as Ben had some sort of breathing attach in the middle of the night on Wednesday.  He woke up unable to take a deep breath and very scared.  We quickly did a breathing treatment, and turned on the hot water and stood in the steam for a while.  It took about and hour but he finally calmed down and fell asleep without struggling for breath.  We let him sleep with us that night and he continued to make gasping sounds off and on all night.  We are not sure if this is asthma or an allergy attach from being outside so much.  However, we finally got his tonsil, adenoid and 3rd set of ear tube surgery scheduled for next week, and I hope this does not affect that.  It took so long to get it scheduled. However, since the attack his nose has been runny and his chest rattles when he breathes.  This is normal for him, but not how we want him going into surgery.  His pre-op appointment is this morning, so we will have to see what they say. 
On a side note Ben's new favorite word is surprise.  He does not really hide well yet, but will just run up to you and yell surprise.  It is a hoot.