Friday, March 19, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday was beautiful. 65 degrees, sunny, slight wind. After the big boys got home, and we got done with our ESU visit, we decided to go out and explore the farm and enjoy the weather. After just a few minutes, it hit me that it was the first time that Ben was able to walk outside. He started walking the weekend after Thanksgiving, and then the weather turned bad. So this was all new to him and he was having a blast. Mostly, I was just following him around.  He was so focused on checking things out, that he was not about to look back at me. This was my view most of the time:

A few times it looked like this:

Then he discovered rocks!

And then more rocks. 

And then it was time to go in.  But Ben did not want to go.  He threw a small fit.  So to distract him I popped in the new Baby Signing times video that we got from Jenni from ESU3. It was called A New Day, and it was all about going outside.  How appropriate that he learn words like outside, rain, grass, flower, bug etc.  We will be all ready to practice our new signs the next time we go outside.  Which looks like it might be a while.  Especially since today the weather looks like this:
What a difference a day makes.  We finally got all the snow melted from before, and it has to go and snow again.  I thought it was supposed to be spring tomorrow.  Oh well.  There is a saying... if you don't like the weather in Nebraska, just wait a will change.  Hopefully it will stop snowing soon, and melt quickly.

Ben and I are ready to do more exploring outside!