Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things have been crazy

Sorry for the delay in blogging.  It has just been very crazy around here.  First we had a couple of storms that went through.  The first one knocked out the power for 12 hours and we lost Internet for a week.  The second one knocked out some barn windows, and took down a lot of tree limbs.  We did not loose power, but we did lose Internet for a day.  Elmwood and Murdock were both hit hard, and they even called off school for a day.   Here is a picture of the barn minus a few windows.

The big boys have been playing football.  John is playing center on the 5th and 6th grade team.  They are 2 and 1 right now. Here is a picture of him about to snap the ball.

Noah is playing tight end and is trying quarterback a little.  He likes it a lot.  His team is 3 and 0.

Ben was enjoying one of the football games by having a nice cat nap.  Unfortunately we scored and the nap was cut short by all the cheering.  He has been fighting a respiratory infection and it got him down a bit this week.  Got some antibiotic yesterday and it seems to be helping a lot.  Now if I can just figure out how to get him to take it without having Randy hold him down while I try to squirt it down the back of his throat without choking him or having him spit it all out.  If he could just realize that taking it was what made him feel better. 

 Last week I went to Cincinnati for work.  Here is a picture of my work team.  This was the first time we have been all together in one location.  It was a good trip, but it was very tiring.  We got to go to an Ikea store while we were there.  I did not realize how cool it would be.  All three of us ended up bringing home light fixtures of some kind.  Randy already has mine installed in the basement.  It was worth all the worry and repacking I had to do to carry it on the plane on the way home. 

I have also been trying to help out the DSAF group by doing some web support for the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.  We have had a few issues with registration and getting the t-shirts ordered.  Hopefully it is all straightened out now, as the walk is next weekend.  I am so proud of everyone who have stepped up to help out.  Ben's Brigade has raised,  almost $1500 and we will have around 45 walkers between Ben's Brigade and the Elmwood/Murdock School team.  Thank you to everyone who has helped out.