Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Signing Time Christmas DVD

Want to get something for your little one that will be fun for them and educational too?  If you have not tried Signing Time yet, now is a great time with the introduction of the new Signing Time Christmas DVD.  I have played it last weekend at a craft fair and it was really drawing in all the little kids.  If you don't know, Signing Time is a sign language program for hearing children.  For Babies, sign language can help them communicate before they are physically ready for speech.  When your child is older and maybe already speaking, signing along with speech helps kids build a larger vocabulary.   For school age children, sign language can help kids learn information faster, retain it better and improve literacy.  With all these bonuses, why wouldn't you want to sign with your kids?

Today and tomorrow you can get the new 2 disc Signing Time Christmas DVD that has both secular and sacred play options, for just $24.99.  On Tuesday, November 18th, the price will go up to $39.99.
So don't delay, order yours today! Click here to start shopping.