Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We hope that everyone had a Happy Easter!  Yesterday we went to the Easter Egg Hunt put on by the FBLA kids at the park in town.   Ben was not really into hunting the eggs.  He was just having fun running around.   Today he did better, but still had to be re-directed back to hunting eggs a couple of times.

 Ben giving Randy the arch back slide maneuver to try to escape.  You can not make me!.................  What there is candy in there?  Let me at them!

 The swing set and slide were fun too!

 Noah at the park yesterday after the egg hunt was finished.

John peeking out of the barn.  Don't you think it is time we cut that hair?  I sure do.

 It is finally starting to green up.  Here is a bloom on one of the peach trees that Russ just planted this year.  It sure has pretty blossoms.

 Mom's Magnolia tree is pretty this year too.                       I found this lone rusty nail in a board. 

 We came back in and had some chocolate before nap.  Maybe that was not the best idea.

 But it sure did taste good!

Happy Easter!