Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling Better

Last weekend Ben woke up from his nap with some nasty sounding breathing.  He had done something similar the Wednesday before for Andi, and we went to the Dr. that day where he got a steriod shot.  It was another one of those miracle shots.   His breathing got instantly better and remained good for the next few days.  But on Saturday, it not only got worse there was a little whistle with it.  In the past when this had happened,  we just needed to wait a bit and  it would usually sounded better.   After supper it still sounded bad, so I called a Telephone Line to Care, and afer putting Ben on the phone so the nurse could hear him, she felt we should go to the emergency room. 

Now I knew we were not even close to being in real danger.  He was pink, and not really contracting his chest, but decided to go anyway becuase we needed either another shot or a breathing treatment, and it was going to be a long night without something.  Unfortunately we had not ever been able to get into the Dr when he had been breathing like this in the past, so we did not have any of the supplies at home to give him a breathing treatment.  When we got to the hospitl his O2 level was 97.  I knew we were OK, but after a few other tests came back negative, the breathing treatment is what they decided to go with. 
He still sounded bad when they released us, but he did sound better than when we got there.  The thing I thought was curious was that his O2 was at 94 when we left, so it had actually gotten worse. 

They sent us home with all the supplies, so we are now set up and have been giving breathing treatments at hom.  He is doing much better now.  A current picture is below.

This weekend was our nephew Sam's B-day.  We got to go over and enjoy cake and ice cream with the family.  He was so cute trying to blow out his candles on his cake.

Ben just loves his cousin Emma.  He likes her long hair.  Here he is, giving her a little squeeze.