The Boys

The Boys

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Signing Time Christmas DVD

Want to get something for your little one that will be fun for them and educational too?  If you have not tried Signing Time yet, now is a great time with the introduction of the new Signing Time Christmas DVD.  I have played it last weekend at a craft fair and it was really drawing in all the little kids.  If you don't know, Signing Time is a sign language program for hearing children.  For Babies, sign language can help them communicate before they are physically ready for speech.  When your child is older and maybe already speaking, signing along with speech helps kids build a larger vocabulary.   For school age children, sign language can help kids learn information faster, retain it better and improve literacy.  With all these bonuses, why wouldn't you want to sign with your kids?

Today and tomorrow you can get the new 2 disc Signing Time Christmas DVD that has both secular and sacred play options, for just $24.99.  On Tuesday, November 18th, the price will go up to $39.99.
So don't delay, order yours today! Click here to start shopping. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Birthday!

It is official!  My hubby is old!  
To help him celebrate, I made a little poster to take to his work.  Randy's parents gave him the balloons and a few other over the hill items to make the display complete.  He is not one to do much to celebrate big days, but he was a good sport about the poster.   Now to keep Noah and Ben out of the candy!
Happy Birthday, Big Fella!

Sorry the poster is so hard to read.  It says.  Turning another year older is nothing to "Sinicker" about, Do you feel like a "Butterfinger"?  Does your mind play "Twix" on you?  Do your bones "Krackel and Crunch".  Don't worry, we still think you are worth "100 Grand".  We love you to the "Milky Way" and Back.  So celebrate "Extra".  Love your "Smarty" pants wife, and little "Air Heads"


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Support Down Syndrome Research and Get Great Educational Products at the Same Time!

October is also Down syndrome awareness month. As a mother of a child with Down syndrome and a Barefoot Books Ambassador and Signing Time Instructor, this topic is near and dear to my heart.  Signing Time and Barefoot Books have played a huge roll in Ben's life.  Signing Time helped teach him to read before he turned three and Barefoot Books help keep him interested in reading.    To help give back, during the entire month of October 2014, I will donated a portion of my online and in person sales from ABC Barefoot Kids  and ABC Signing Kids to the LuMind Foundation for Down Syndrome Cognition Research (formerly DSRTF).

So why Down Syndrome research? In August 2014, our local Down syndrome support group, welcomed a special guest at our parent's night out event.    William C. Mobley is a Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurosciences at UCSD. He also serves as Executive Director of UCSD's Down Syndrome Center for Research and Treatment. and the Florence Riford Chair of Alzheimer Disease Research.   At this event Dr. Mobley shared with us some news of his fascinating research and let us know just how close we are to having a drug available to help prevent Alzheimer's not only in the Down syndrome population, but in the general population as well.  It helped me to realize just how much research is going on that will benefit our kids, and how much funding is needed to help keep this research on track. 
I chose the Lumind foundation because it supports lots of different research opportunities to benefit the Down syndrome community. 
The LuMind Foundation founders are committed to opening doors for people with Down syndrome. They established the LuMind Foundation in 2004 to identify and fund the most promising lines of cognitive development research.
So if you would like to join me in supporting Down syndrome research and could use some award winning children's books or Sign Language DVD's, Books, or Flashcards  to help fuel you child's passion for reading or to help them communicate before they are ready to speak, please use one of the following links to start shopping now:

Thank you for Stepping Up for Down Syndrome!

Thank you to everyone who helped our family raise over $1,600 for the DSAF of Nebraska.  Our organization also raised over $87,000 to help continue to support it's mission of providing support for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, friends, educators, and professionals who share in their lives.  This was my final year of chairing the event.  The Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk has grown significantly over the last 4 years that I have been involved.  I am proud to be part of a group of parents who worked together to grow the DSAF of NE to the organization it is today.  However, all the change and growth experience did not happen with out a lot of hard work, and I am ready to pass on my part of that job to others.  
Here are some photos showing the fun we had on Saturday.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

Register for the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk by September 14 and receive a FREE walk t-shirt with our team name, Ben's Brigade on the back!!! If you can't join us on October 4, no problem! You can register as a "virtual walker" and get a shirt mailed to you, so you can wear it, where ever you are that day.  Don't need a shirt?  Donations are appreciated too.  You can register or donate to Ben's Brigade by clicking HERE!

While we aren't quite at our fundraising goal of $2,000, we did raised enough to earn all three of our fact posters during our early bird fundraising contest.  Our photographer Erica Thompson of Images for a Lifetime built an amazingly cool set just for our kiddos, and Ben got to be one of the first ones to try it out.  While the idea was to sit or lay in the circle, Ben did not want to have anything to do with that.  He wanted to do just one thing.....
What you can't see in this photo is his big brother Noah who was laying on the floor about to get jumped on.  Erica got about 10 photos just like this and Ben had a blast!  

She did get a couple more good photos, but all of them have one thing in common.  If he was not jumping, he was getting into position to jump again.  

 This one is my favorite.  I call it his surfer dude pose.  I also reminds me of the opening of one of the James Bond movies.  

If you can join us at the walk you can see all three of these posters in person along with over 100 other posters featuring Nebraska kids.  

Thank you for supporting Ben's Brigade!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NDSS Time Square Video

Once again a photo of Ben has been chosen to be shown on the big Sony Screen in the heart of Times Square in New York City as part of the video that kicks off the National Buddy Walk.  It will be show on September 20th at about 9:00 am central time.  We are both humbled and honored for a photo of Ben's to be chosen again this year.  There were over 2000 photos entered and only 200 were chosen. 

This photo was taken at one of Ben's t-ball games and shows the pure joy that he displays whenever he is doing something he loves. Sports of any kind will usually bring out this expression or one of pure determination.  Way to go Ben!