Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet Baby Jesus - Wordless Wednesday

PS.  I just realized I accidentally published my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday instead of just getting it ready to go.  Since I already messed it up, I might as well tell you the story behind the picture.  Ben is almost 3 and is not a baby any more.  But when Erin, our Christmas program Director suggested to the kids that they use a doll for Baby Jesus,  all the kids said "No we want Ben to be baby Jesus".  So we pulled out the very fancy (not) manger box that I saved from the last time he was baby Jesus, and tried to devise a plan. If you loot closely at the top picture you can see the blue strap around his waist for the booster seat that is hidden in the box.  Yes baby Jesus did a great job in his manger, but his little behind was strapped in the booster seat, and he was being fed Cheerios.  That is the trick for getting a toddler to sit still long enough to play baby Jesus.    Erin felt all my tactics were overkill, and that it would be cute if Baby Jesus got up and ran away.  She kept saying " Let Baby Jesus be free!".  It was a fun program. 
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Noah... The great shoe destroyer

Noah turned 8 this summer, and since that time, my very active boy has been blowing through shoes.  He went through a pair a month all summer long.  We tried expensive shoes.  We tried cheap shoes.  It did not matter.  He would split out the side or the toe or crack the sole.  I purchased his back to school shoes with high hopes, but one week after the start of school he showed me the hole that was beginning to form. 

He runs fast and stops short, which will quickly shorten the life span of most shoes.  For a while we thought that no one could make a shoe that could stand up to the Noah test. 

Until now.

We have found a shoe that can pass with flying colors.  The Slingshot by Stride rite.  Noah has been wearing these shoes since the end of August and they still look great.  He had just come in from the playground when I took the photo below, so they were a little dusty, but they clean up nicely.
Now I have to admit, Stride rite shoes are not that easy to find locally in southeast Nebraska.  However they do have a great website with a wide selection of styles and sizes that makes finding the right shoe very easy. 
They are a bit more expensive than some of the other shoes on the market, but boy are they worth it.  I think we may actually have found a pair of shoes that Noah will grow out of before he wears them out.  That says a lot about these shoes. 

Ben got a pair that light up when you walk.  It was so funny when he first put them on and I showed him the light, he just stood and stomped his foot.  He has been wearing his all fall and they still look new.  I am sure he will outgrow his before he wears them out.   


Thank you Stride rite for making a shoe that can pass the Noah test.  Ben likes his too.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ho, Ho, HO!

This weekend was another busy weekend for our family.  Noah had a Cub Scout event, Ben had his DSAF Christmas Brunch, and John had a Small Fry Basketball game all on Saturday. 

The Christmas Brunch was awesome.  They made calenders this year, and Ben is Mr. August.  It's the same picture from the fact poster that were displayed along the Step up for Down Syndrome Walk route.  They will make great Christmas gifts this year.  It took a little bit of convincing, and maybe a bit of arm twisting, but the big boys did finally agree to come up to get a picture taken with Ben and Santa.   Can you see how thrilled they are?  Even Ben was not so sure about the whole thing. 
Last week's craft fair was very good.  I sold a bunch but I still have lots left.  John had a steady business of kids beading bracelets on his end of the table.  He is getting so popular that I might have to get him his own booth next year.