Monday, January 9, 2012

Mean Mom at Nap Time

I admit it.  I really enjoy rocking with this boy.  Our routine has been that after lunch we snuggle in the recliner to watch Barney and pretty much every day that show puts us both to sleep. I usually wake up as soon as the theme song to Cailou comes on (not one of my favorite shows as the kid is a bit to whiny for me).  However, with his 4th Birthday right around the corner, it is time that Ben learn how to go to sleep on his own, without being rocked.  He has gone in streaks where he has done great at putting him self to sleep, but I think Mom and Dad enjoy cuddling too much and he does not complain too much either.

So today at nap time we read a book and Mom said good bye and put up the baby gate.  There were cries of shock and anger coming from inside his bedroom, but it only lasted about 5 minutes.  Then I found this.  

Usually he does give up and get in bed by himself, but not today.  I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be to sleep folded in half like that.  He must have been tired since he did not even wake up when I put him in his bed for the rest of his nap. 

Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

*UPDATE*  After nap Ben woke up and wanted me to rock him.  He obviously missed the Mommy and Ben time too.  Last night I tucked him in and he went to sleep like a champ.  However, I knew nap time today would not go quite that easy.  Once again we read a story, and when I went to put up the gate he was mister helper, trying to make sure he was on the outside of the gate once he helped put it up.  How is that for problem solving.  Not so fast mister.  Mom is smarter than that.  After the gate went up and he was inside I offered to help him lay down and find a stuffed friend to snuggle with, but he said "NO", so I told him to have a good nap and left.  The screaming only lasted for a minute this time and when I went to check he was indeed in wasn't his, but at least it was a bed.  I don't think big brother Noah will mind. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Lens

I finally broke down and got a new 70-300 zoom lens for my camera with image stabilization, so my really zoomed in pictures do not turn out blurry.  The other morning before school, John found it and asked if he could try it out.  He started taking pictures of the pictures on the wall and magnets on the fridge.  Really?  I told him to look outside because mother nature was putting on a show worthy of being photographed.  Here is what he got. I like the second one the best.  Much better that stuff inside the house.