Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Holidays

Our young disciple group recently got their first set of bells and this was their first performance. We were a little short on young disciples, so we had to get some help from some of the older members of the church.   Ben was so excited to play the bells with everyone else.   He did not play perfectly, but he did have a blast.   We are so blessed to be part of such a loving and accepting faith community. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Love Can Build a Bridge

A few years ago, I sang this song as part of a duet at church.  For some reason the timing on the opening lyric was hard for me, so I bought the song, so I could hear how it was really supposed to go. 

Fast forward to now, and this song is still in my iTunes and is one of Ben's favorites to sing.  I love catching him singing when he does not know I am listening.  I had been trying to record  him for some time now, but when he would catch me he would usually stop singing.  This time he obviously knew I was filming him, he decided to sing along anyway.

This is actually great song for this time of year as we can all use some extra love and maybe a bridge build here or  there. 

Happy Holidays!  Enjoy!