Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Belated Happy Easter

We hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter.  We had a beautiful day in Nebraska, with sunny skys and a light breeze.  It was a great day for hunting eggs. 

But before we get to that, I wanted to show you what I did to my boys before Easter.  All my boys.  It was very warm a couple days this week and with the warmer weather came lots of sweating.  To my surprise John came to me and asked me to buzz his hair.  Then Noah, who always wants to be like his big brother, wanted a buzz cut too.  Ben was getting a little bit long so I figured what the heck so he got shaved as well.  I had not ever cut Ben that short, but he did not seem to mind.  I think he likes it when people rub his hed.  Noah reported that 14 people rubbed his head at school the next day after his buzz.  John reported only 1 head rub.  Here are my three freshly shaven boys all ready for Easter.

We got to enjoy 2 Easter egg hunts this year.  One, at our friends house on Saturday, and one at our house on Easter.  Ben really did not get the hang of putting the eggs in his basket.  He just wanted to open them to see what was inside and then throw the eggs.  Our niece Emma however, knew exactly what to do and got a whole basket full. 

Almost everyone got in on egg hunting fun.

Impressive results.

These last few weeks have been incredibly busy.  This week is no different.  We have Small Fry basketball practice and games, a Cub Scout meeting and 2 community service events, baseball field cleanup, Dr. appointments, therapy, ESU planning meeting, and we get to end the week with a banquet. 
The banquet is the Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation's Spring Banquet.  John won the Aldrich short story contest for his age group and will be presented with his award at the banquet.  The prize is $25 and he is already thinking of all the ways he can spend it.  He is so excited and we are very proud of him.