Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awesome Surprise!

Yesterday, when I got the mail, there was a big envelope in the mail box marked media from Woodbine House. I was so excited to see the new addition of Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome inside.

It was back in January that I saw a post on one of the Facebook groups asking for pictures to be submitted.  At the time the deadline had been a few weeks off yet, so I thought I had some time to think about what kind of picture I would like to submit.   I had a few pictures of him using sign language, so I decided to send in one of him signing eat.  (one of his favorite signs). Thinking that it might be good to give them a choice, I got out Ben's flash cards while he was having a snack, to see what would happen.  The second card down was nose, and I got a cute picture of him pointing to his nose as he read the card.  I had wanted to try for a better shot, but knew that we might not get a better one before the deadline, so I went ahead and submitted these two photos and called it good.  I was shocked that about an hour later, I got an email back from an editor at Woodbine House, stating that they already had all the pictures they needed for the book, but since Ben's pictures were so appropriate to the theme of the book, they were going to try to squeeze one in.  So after I signed the release and sent it back, they said to expect the book some time this summer.  So when I got the book yesterday,  I was surprised and happy to see that both pictures made it in the book. 
Page 74, Ben signing eat.
Page 104, Ben sight reading the word nose.

Yesterday was one of the busiest days of the year for me, so all I had time to do was quickly skim through the book. Today is a big laundry day, as I try to catch up from not being home the last 4 days, due to baseball tournaments.  Hopefully between loads, I will be able to start reading this book.  It looks like it has a bunch of great information in it.  It also has some adorable pictures in it of many beautiful children.

One Down, Two More To Go

Congratulations to Noah, his team, and coaches for a great season and for coming in second in their league.  It was a hot weekend for baseball, but it sure was fun watching you guys win!  Way to go Knights!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Signing Times Sale!

June 5th and 6th $10 Signing time DVD's. That is half off the regular price. Ben has been saving his Christmas money and finally completed his Signing Time collection. He is one thrifty shopper. OK. Maybe I tipped him off to the sale.
This is the series of videos that accidentally taught Ben how to sight read. I highly recommend them, so please take advantage of this great sale if you can. http://www.signingtime.com/