Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photo Challenge: Talented!

The Paper Mama


I entered this picture of Noah in the paper mama's photo challenge.  His season may be over for this year, but I completely believe that we are not done watching this little guy play baseball.  At 7 (he won't be 8 for 17 more days) he is younger than most of the other players on his team.  Yet he has an amazing ablilty to focus on the game and make the play.  My favorite from this year was when he was playing picter and scooped up a grounder, bare handed and threw it off balance (to avoid hitting the Coach from the other team) making a perfect throw to get the runner out.  He did not get a home run this year, but did hit numerous tripples.  He has amazing body control....when he wants to.   Way to go Noah!