Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Camera

                              Ben and his shadow.

Got a new (to me) camera this week.  A Cannon 20D.  I already had a Rebel XT with a 50mm and a 70-300mm lens that I traded off.  A guy at work was selling just the body, and I thought it might be nice to have a body for each of my lenses.  It has been fun getting to know the new camera.  Here a few pictures from baseball and a family wedding this weekend that I took with the new camera.

Blue drink, blue lips, blue teeth.


Ben playing catch from his stroller.

John Pitching

Tyler dancing with his Mom.  (taken from the balcony, too far a way with too little flash, doctored up a bit)

My cousin Marcia's youngest son, Charlie.  Such a cutie with those blonde curls.

My boys.

Me dancing with a very tired boy to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.  Soon after this picture, the battery ran out.  That what I get for giving the camera to the 11 year old.