Monday, June 23, 2014

The Ups and Downs of T-Ball

Ben enjoyed playing t-ball with his class again this year.  He loved hitting the ball and running the bases and he tolerated standing in the field waiting for a ball to come.  Here are some photos from a game where he chose not to follow the rules and hopefully learned an important lesson.

Hitting the ball is lots of fun.

 So is running the bases.

 Playing in the dirt can be lots of fun too!

 So can pretending to catch the ball with your hat and pretending to sweep your arm down to tag a runner out.  (even when you are playing short stop and no where near a base).  

 When Mom and Dan notice when you are messing around with your hat and not paying attention to the game,  Mom and Dad take will take away your hat and make your really sad.  

Coaches can help feel better about losing your hat (and protect you from balls being hit your direction.

 Brothers can help you feel better too.

 And sometimes it takes brothers and friends to cheer you up. 

 But in the end, playing t-ball with your friends and getting to run on the field makes you forget all about your mean parents who took your hat.