Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 NDSC Convention


YIKES!  I seriously thought I had 3 weeks left until the NDSC 2014 Convention, but as of today there are less than 2 weeks left to go.  How did time go so fast?  I realized it was getting close when I downloaded the super cool NDSC Convention app today and it told me there were 14 days until the event started.  Wow this app is really slick.  Already I know that ABC Signing Kids will be at booth 38 and the DSAF of NE will be right next door at booth 39 in Griffin Hall and there is even a handy map to tell me where to find those spots. Here is a list of all the Exhibitors 

So if you are going to Indy and you have a smart phone, I highly recommend you download this app.  Then look me up and say Hi at the Signing Time booth, or at the Signing Time Workshop "Jumpstart Your Child's Speech and Language Engine Using Sign Language in room 313 on Sunday July 13th from 10:30 to 12.   It is going to be a great trip!
See You in Indy!