Thursday, August 11, 2011

County Fair Time

This week is our county fair.  In addition to the normal cooking and photography, the boys took their rabbits this year.  Our doe had babies about 3 weeks ago, and they are a hit in the small animal house.  They are very cute.
 This is our first year with small animals and the judging is tomorrow.  We will have to see how we do. The rabbits are very big and it is hard for little Noah to handle them.  

John also won reserve champion on his display of political pins that were collected by his great Aunts Rosemary and Helen John. 

He re-did a small side table with a tile top that got a purple ribbon and is going to the state fair.  Noah baked some yummy coffee cake that he will have to re-make to take to the state fair as well.

Since we have to make the trip to the fair grounds to enter the 4-H projects, we all also entered a few items in open class.  One of my pictures won the Reserve Champion Photo for the fair.   It is a picture of a nail in the fence around our barn.  I thought about trying to pound it in, but decided to take a picture of it instead. 

 Randy took first place in the special photography contest that had a theme of Carnival Lights and Country Nights.  Here is his photo.

More pictures to come as the week goes on.