Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleep Study

Last night Ben had his first sleep study up at Children's Hospital in Omaha.  They want to do this before they decide for sure if they will be removing his tonsils and adenoids.   After we checked in we had about 1/2 hour to kill, so we wandered around the front lobby and found a long fountain to explore.  Then we found a waiting room with lots of books.  Ben had fun reading the books and peaking through the curtain to see what was going on outside.

 Then it was time to get hooked up with all the wires.  I had brought a couple signing time videos, and they kept him occupied while the nurse hooked up all the connections.  There was one point where I thought he was trying to pull one of stickers off his face, but he was really just trying to do a sign.  I should have been watching the video closer.
He fell asleep while I was rocking him about 9:15 which was good.  The nurse came in to help me untangle and transfer him to his crib, but unfortunately it woke him up.  So after we got him situated, I had to lean over the crib and hold his had until he fell back asleep. 
I was tired so I laid down too.  Next time I will remember to bring a pillow for myself.  The one they had was not very comfortable.  However, I was happy that Ben was still in a crib, because when they brought in the crib, they took out the recliner that would have been for me, and left me with the bed.  YEAH!  I finally fell asleep about 10:45 only to be woke up at 11:15 because the nurse came in to reattach a few connections, and  cover him up because he was cold.  This of course woke him up, and once again I had to "snuggle" him to get him to go back to sleep.
This routine of them coming in and waking him up, or him waking up himself all tangled in the cords happened every one to two hours all night.  There was one point where it seemed like it had been a while since they had been in, and I was just sure it was 5:00 and they were putting the warmer on his hand to do a finger poke to check his blood.  Unfortunately it was only 3:00.   I must have dozed off after that because the next thing I knew it was 4:45 and she was getting ready to draw blood.  Before she unhooked everything I took a picture of my little mummy.

Here are all the wires.  No wonder he kept getting tangled. 

Before he left they gave him a little teddy bear.  He was trying to put on his shoes and was not very interested in the bear. 

All this is being done to get a baseline before we take the next step toward surgery to remove his generous tonsils and probably his adenoids too.  Hopefully the results will come back soon.  I don't like waiting. 
We will have to do another sleep study after the tonsils are out to see if there is improvement.  I will be better prepared next time.