Sunday, March 6, 2011

Basketball is all done!

With one last shift in the concession stand today, we have officially ended basketball for the season.  Yeah! That means no more practice, no more struggling to hold Ben and keep him occupied during games, and no more sitting on hard bleachers. 
Now don't get me wrong.  Ben sits pretty good, and the games are relatively short.  But still it is nice to have the season behind us. 
Randy coached Noah's team and they had a really good year.  If it was not for one lucky 3 point shot, they would have been undefeated.  Here is a picture of his team.

Here are a couple shots of Noah in action.  He has some good skills that he picked up from playing with his big brother John. 

John also has some good skills and played on two leagues this year.  The Small Fry team ended up 4th, and the Knighstar team had a winning record also.  Way to go John.
Noah also liked to visit the concession stand during John's games. 

Ben especially enjoyed eating popcorn with his buddy Sarah.