Monday, December 6, 2010

Ho, Ho, HO!

This weekend was another busy weekend for our family.  Noah had a Cub Scout event, Ben had his DSAF Christmas Brunch, and John had a Small Fry Basketball game all on Saturday. 

The Christmas Brunch was awesome.  They made calenders this year, and Ben is Mr. August.  It's the same picture from the fact poster that were displayed along the Step up for Down Syndrome Walk route.  They will make great Christmas gifts this year.  It took a little bit of convincing, and maybe a bit of arm twisting, but the big boys did finally agree to come up to get a picture taken with Ben and Santa.   Can you see how thrilled they are?  Even Ben was not so sure about the whole thing. 
Last week's craft fair was very good.  I sold a bunch but I still have lots left.  John had a steady business of kids beading bracelets on his end of the table.  He is getting so popular that I might have to get him his own booth next year.