Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet Baby Jesus - Wordless Wednesday

PS.  I just realized I accidentally published my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday instead of just getting it ready to go.  Since I already messed it up, I might as well tell you the story behind the picture.  Ben is almost 3 and is not a baby any more.  But when Erin, our Christmas program Director suggested to the kids that they use a doll for Baby Jesus,  all the kids said "No we want Ben to be baby Jesus".  So we pulled out the very fancy (not) manger box that I saved from the last time he was baby Jesus, and tried to devise a plan. If you loot closely at the top picture you can see the blue strap around his waist for the booster seat that is hidden in the box.  Yes baby Jesus did a great job in his manger, but his little behind was strapped in the booster seat, and he was being fed Cheerios.  That is the trick for getting a toddler to sit still long enough to play baby Jesus.    Erin felt all my tactics were overkill, and that it would be cute if Baby Jesus got up and ran away.  She kept saying " Let Baby Jesus be free!".  It was a fun program. 
Merry Christmas Everyone!