Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick Update

We are home from the hospital.  Ben did great all day without oxygen.  His stats did go down a bit when he slept, and he did tire easily, but he was definitely starting to act like his old self again. 

Ben got to get down and play, and went on lots of long walks. He had fun sitting under his crib and stacking his signing time video boxes .  Those videos were a life saver during our stay at the hospital.  Many of the staff commented on how cute the Signing Times videos are and how well Ben was signing with them.  They also double as blocks when you are in a pinch. 

I loved Mom's Mac n cheese.  Did not want anything to do with my sandwich, but boy this stuff is yummy!

 Wow!  I knew these were great learning videos, but did not realized they make great blocks too.

Got my coat on.  Ready to bust loose!

Waving bye bye with my thumb in my mouth.

At home we have started to call him the tornado.  When he has been in a room, it generally looks like a tornado went through it when he leaves.  He is so curious about what might be up on the table or counter, if he can reach it, he pulls it on to the floor to get a better look.  He also just likes to throw things on the floor. He is good at the throwing motion, but now just wants to throw everything.   Newspaper, magazines, homework and other various school papers, piano books, it does not matter.   I have a feeling there will be a tornado watch issued at our house for tomorrow.