Thursday, November 18, 2010

At the Hospital

We have had a sick boy at our house.  It started out like a cold, but slowly got worse.  We went to the Dr. last Thursday and got some new antibiotic, but his breathing got steadily more raspy then it kept getting faster.  I thought surely the anitbiotic would kick in soon, but it did not.  Then he started to refuse to eat and we knew something was really wrong.  Ben was admitted to the hospital late on Tuesday afternoon with respitory distress issues and mild dehydration.  

 We have not gotten a formal diagnosis.  The x-ray did not really show pneumonia, and he was wheezing like he may have asthma.  His white blood cells were slightly elevated to show that he did have some type of infection going on.  So he has been treated with oxygen, steroids and more antibiotic. 

His oxygen requirements are what is keeping us here.  He is drinking buckets of apple juice, and is eating much better.  It is hard to tell if he is not hungry or is just mad about the way I cut his food, he is 2 after all and has started to develop strong opinions about what he should be able to do by himself.  

Today he got to be unhooked from everything 3 different times and had fun exploring the Peds unit.  We were the only ones here most of the day, so that was nice.   After I went home to shower and change I brought him a ball and he had lots of fun throwing it and chasing it down.  He does run out of breath a lot faster than normal and runs to me to be picked up. 

He only fought the oxygen in his nose the first 20 minutes or so and has done a good job of leaving it alone.  He is starting to not like anyone in scrubs and today decided that maybe he should wave at them and tell them bye when they come in and maybe they won't mess with him.  It only worked on the person coming in to get the lunch trays, and house keeping.  He is still in pretty good spirits all things considered and we hope to get out of here in a day or so.  Just need to work on keeping his stats up with out needing oxygen.
Here are some pictures from today.
 Playing with my piggy bank.

Tag team meanness.

A much needed rest after they messed with me.

Some seriously sweet toes.

Snuggled up under my Project Linus blanket.