Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung

The weather has been beautiful lately.  A bit windy.  But hey, this is Nebraska.   Since it has been so nice, the boys have gotten to play outside a lot.
On Friday morning I took Ben out to explore.  He showed me how much progress he has made on the slide,  I put him up there, and instead of waiting for me to pull his hand to start him sliding he wiggle his little butt to the edge of the slide and started going down himself.  Yeah Ben.
I was trying to get him to stay by me as I pulled weeds here and there, but he would not stay with me.  Then I remembered the swing.  I could put him in his swing for a minute while I got my stuff done, and not worry about him getting out of sight.
I went to the old garage where the swing was kept, and fought with the garage door.   The old garage is starting to lean a bit, so the old door does not always want to go up and down easily.  The door only opened about half way, so I decided that would have to be far enough.   Ben was about 50  feet away in the yard toddeling by the slide.  He can not climb up on it yet so I figured he would be safe for a few seconds.   I bent under the door, went to the back of the garage, got the swing down off the hook, tapped it against the wall to try to get the bird droppings and dirt out of it and headed back out of the door. 
Before I even straightend up from bending under the door, I was looking for Ben.  He we not there.  I figured there was no way he could have come toward the garage and be out of my sight already, so I headed toward the slide.  Maybe he was behind it.  He was not.  I started to panic.  I turned back toward the garage and saw him well past the garage heading for the open shed.  Little stinker is fast. 
Not sure what the draw was in the open shed.  Maybe it was the truck, maybe it was the loose dirt inside.  But he kept going back to the open shed. 
At least now I know where to look for him, if I can't find him.