Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year...Sickness Stinks...So Does Snow

I would like to start by wishing everyone a very belated Happy New Year! We rang in the new year with a family game night at our house. We had lots of fun eating, talking and playing games. The kids had a blast. I was wiped out the next day and did not even get out of my pj's until nearly supper time. Below are a few pictures from the evening.

We have had quite a bit of sickness at our house this week. Ben was up very early Tuesday morning, (12:30 am until about 2:30 am) wheezing and coughing. It seemed like I had just got back to sleep when Noah came in and said "Mom. I need to show you something." A quick check of the clock showed that it was now 4:30. At least I got a couple hours of sleep. The something he wanted to show me was that he threw up in the sink in the bathroom. Hey, at least it was not his bed. That earned him a $1. It was a quick clean up, and so I got to go back to bed again. I feel asleep again about the time Randy's alarm went off. I let him know what had happened, and that I was really tired, and was volunteering to stay home. The rest of Tuesday was pretty uneventful. Noah seemed fine all day, and ate normally. Ben was still wheezy, but doing OK. He is still on antibiotic from his ear infection last week so I was not too worried about him.

Since they were predicting snow and Randy had something to do after work, we headed into Lincoln to do some errands and get some groceries in case we got snowed in. At HyVee they had a special for 99 cent pieces of pizza. Both boys were bugging me for pizza. I asked Noah if his tummy felt good enough for pizza and he said yes. So I let them each get a slice. Big mistake.

They called off school already before we went to bed because of the snow and bitter cold. Ben started running a fever, so I gave him some Tylenol.

About 12:30 am (again) Noah came in to my room and said "Mom, I think I am going to throw up!" I rushed him into the bathroom where he broke the bad news. "Mom, I already threw up on my bed and the floor. Nice. I am not liking the new carpet that much now, as it is really hard to pick out bitty pieces of mushy smelly pizza. I moved him to the couch and Ben to our bed and set to work cleaning it up. I don't even know when I got back to bed, but I was glad I did not have to get up in the morning.

Randy went to work the next morning (Wed) so I thought I would try to sign in to my work from home. Ben woke up and started crying (very unlike him). I picked him up an sat him on my lap while trying to type. He was still fussing and I could not figure out why. Then he coughed funny and I figured it out as he threw up in my hand. Poor baby with an ear infection, some nasty viral something, and now the stomach flu on top of it. How can one little baby have so many things going on at once. Needless to say I did not get much done that day other than rocking my sweet little boy. About mid morning he started signing eat, so we tried a little oatmeal, and a bit later some mac and cheese. By supper he was starving again, so at least I knew the flu stuff was gone.

Randy got home and reported that it was pretty bad out. By Thursday morning we were officially drifted in. Now I was starting to get worried. We only missed one of Ben's doses of antibiotics due to the stomach flu, but his breathing was getting worse. The wheezing was getting louder and his respiration rate was increasing. I could tell he was not in any immediate danger, but knew that it could turn for the worse at any point and here we are snowed in.

We tried warm liquids, and setting with him in the bathroom with the hot shower going to try to loosen him up but nothing seemed to work. This morning however, his fever seems to be much lower and his respiration rate is slower too. He still wheezes somewhat, but it is not as bad as it was. We are still completely snowed in, but I am not as worried now about having to call someone to dig us out so we can get Ben to a Dr. Randy and the boys ventured out despite the cold to see some of the drifts and even went over to check on the other house. Here are some pictures:

The drift by the other house

John and Noah laying on one of the many drifts in the road.

The road looking north. Don't let the foreground fool you. The drift at the top is shoulder deep.

The boys climbing some of the drifts.