Monday, December 7, 2009

Ben is walking!!

Ben is walking! OK. It really is more of a waddle, but he is finally out of the crawling position a good share of the time. It really started the Friday after Thanksgiving when he decided he wanted to stand more than crawl. He has been cruising for some time now, and letting go for a step or two, but it had never been more than that. Not anymore. He can go the entire length of the living room. He will still drop to the floor if he wants to get somewhere fast, and he sure can crawl fast. He must have grown a bit too, as he keeps getting a hold of things that I thought were safely out of reach. It is great to see him developing, but at the same time I miss my sweet little baby that rarely got into trouble. His PT said he was doing so well me may be able to go from once a month to once every 2-3 months. It is very exciting.

We started sleeping across the road on Friday. There is still plenty to move, and I only have about 1/2 of my clothes moved and am already out of room. Now I know why my Mom had 1/2 of my closet filled, plus two more when I was growning up in that house. There really is not much room in the master bedroom closet. That plus Randy and I have never had to share a room to put our clothes in before. He always got the closet and dresser in our room and I have always had to use another bedroom and dresser, in both of our previous houses. Going to have to start getting creative on where to put things to get it all to fit. I have already gotten rid of a good share of extra clothes.

Got the Playstation and TV moved yesterday in the snow. The boys are loving it.