Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Signing times

We have been using signs sporadically with Ben for over a year now. He has a few signs, but does not use them very regularly. Some of his signs include: more, all done, eat, milk, night night, out and he waves hi and bye.

This morning John was eating a breakfast bar, and he announced with excitement "I think Ben is signing cookie".

Since the time change Ben has been getting up earlier, before I get a chance to shower. To keep him occupied while I get ready, I have been putting him in his playpen and then turn on the Signing times video we have (volume 3 Everyday signs).

The first few days he did not really watch it and just played with his toys. The next few days he would glace at it occasionally.

Lately he has been standing up watching the video and jabbering to the TV. This morning when I turned it on he got very excited and started clapping. (He has not seen it for a few days. )

When I was done with my shower, the DVD happened to be on cookie. I said "Ben can you say cookie?" And sure enough he made a fist with one hand and tapped it on the other hand. It was not perfect, but it sure was close. I was amazed. Then the DVD moved to cereal, and when I asked him to sign cereal, he moved his hand under his chin. Again not perfect, but close enough for me.

I thought that he had been pointing more and trying to use gestures, in an attempt to communicate with me. But I was not sure what he was trying to say. It did not hit me that he would be picking up the signs from the DVD that quickly. I need to pay more attention to the show it to find outwhat all the signs are that he is learning. It sounds like Ben will be getting volumes 1 and 2 for Christmas too. It is so exciting to see him learning signs.

So I think John was right. Ben was signing cookie when he saw his big brother eating a breakfast bar. Way to go Ben!