Monday, July 6, 2009

Blood Draw Update

I took baby Ben to the hospital last week to get his blood re-drawn. After getting checked in and waiting, the lady at the lab came out and asked very nicely if it would be OK if she just did a finger poke.

Are you kidding me? I am sure I stared at her blankly as the steam was coming out of my ears for a moment.

I said that would be just fine, but asked her to please double check to make sure she would get enough blood from a finger poke for the TSH test. I had been told at Children's that the TSH test required more blood, so a finger poke would not be sufficient. She came back and said that a finger poke would be fine.

She got two small vials out of the first finger she poked, and only after she poked and squeezed the second finger did Ben start with the scrunchie face. There was maybe 30 seconds of crying this time, and at no time did he stop breathing.

I feel so bad now for not insisting on a finger poke in the first place. It is definately not a mistake I will make again in the future.

Sorry Ben! Mommy is still learing how to be a good advocate for you.