Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah and other updates

The Birthday Boy.

Friday the 10th we celebrated Noah's 7 Birthday by going to the Flying Wheels Fun Center in Elmwood. We had a blast. I was especially glad that Ben got to go around a few times in his stroller, because that meant I had something to hold on to, so I did not fall down. Noah was one of the winners of the air guitar contest, and really enjoyed doing the limbo. But the highlight of the night was when everyone took off their skated and played dodge ball. Noah and John were right out there with the high school kids catching and throwing balls. They loved it.
Below are some pictures and there are a few more picutres on the Elmwood Website this week. You can see them by clicking here. They are about half way down the page and unfortunatley Julie had to get me in with a cute picture of Ben.

We also got the thyroid tests back for Ben. All three tests were within normal levels. Yeah. Hopefully we won't have to do that one again for a while.

We also got to go to Cedar Creek this weekend to celebrate my Uncle's 65th birthday. My brother and family were still here and all the cousins had fun playing with their extended family.

John playing the air guitar.

Noah rocking out.

Are we going to play the dice game or do air guitars?

Ben having fun at the roller rink too.