Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blood draw trama

At Ben's 12 month appointment they drew some blood to check his thyroid levels. This is pretty much a standard test for kiddos with Ds. After the results came back, we were told his levels were just barley high, so they were not going to treat him, but we should see an Endocrinologist.
The appointment was scheduled back in March and we could not get in until yesterday.
We went to the office, did the normal checks and when the Dr. came in he asked why we were there. I thought the question a bit odd, but after further discussion, I was told that they did not have a copy of the labs, and asked if I remembered what the numbers were. Yeah right! So we chatted a bit more and the decision was made to draw blood and do the labs over.

The Dr left and to come back a couple minutes later stating that he did find the lab results and wondered again why I was referred to him. Apparently the number had been 6.9 at 6 months and it went down to 6.18 at a year. (Anything over 6 is considered high for this particular test). I was shocked to hear this since my Dr's office had called me after the 6 month tests and told me everything was normal. Obviously not.
I was told to wait and they would tell me where to go to get the blood draw. I was worried that we would have to go somewhere else entirely to get the draw, but soon a lady came and led me to a room on the other side of the office to do the draw. She got every thing ready and called in for backup to help hold Ben. I told her that I was a hard draw but she seemed pretty confidant.

Unfortunately she poked around on his left side until the vein blew. Then on the right side she just dug around so long, that he ended up crying so hard that he could not really breath. I asked if I could pick him up once just to calm him down but was told they were almost done. Nice. So she announced that they were done because he was just too upset and that I would have to come back or go somewhere else to get his blood drawn. Extra Nice. I asked if they could do a finger poke like they had done before, but was told they needed too much blood ant it would take to long.

We are going to a new pediatrician this week anyway for his 15 month appointment. Hopefully his arm will be healed enough to have them draw his blood.

This was a totally traumatic experience for both of us. I don't think I have ever seen my happy baby cry that hard. He was still having "after shocks" in the car after we left. I felt so bad for him. By the time we got to therapy he was OK, but he was pretty clingy for the rest of the night. Hopefully the next time will be better.