Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer Vacation

It is going to be a long summer. School got out early this year due to the construction on the school building. The last day was Friday. The big boys started day-care at Son Shine Day-care at the Methodist church in town. The first day they were both up at 6:00 to take care of the dog and get ready. The last couple days it has been more of a chore to get them ready to go. It looks like the day-care has been doing a good job of coming up with fun things for them to do, but it really can't compete with going swimming and going on field trips like they used to do at their Lincoln day-care summer program.
Ben is still going to a home daycare in Lincoln for the summer. He has scared the heck out of us quite a few time lately, when he seems to choke when he eats. It is really strange in that he is crying, and obviously still breathing, but it is like he has something stuck in his throat, and is coughing and hacking. It usually ends with him throwing up a frothy version of what he ate, and then he seems fine. Yesterday it was peaches that were cut up very small. A couple weeks ago it was sweet potato. Not sure if it is just going down the wrong way, and just hurts, or what, but it is very scary. I am planning to ask the therapist today to look at the way he swallows, to see if there is an issue.
Getting ready to head to sunny Florida. Can't wait for vacation!