Monday, February 16, 2009

RSV, Strep, and the New Tooth

Last weekend Ben started to run a low grade fever. He had a bump in his mouth and a couple of loose diapers and we thought finally a tooth is ready to come in! But the weekend came and went and there was no tooth and the fever went away. Then the fever came back along with a very runny nose, coughing and wheezing. We went to the Dr. last Wednesday (not our regular Dr. but one of his associates) who looked at Ben with his red cheeks, and runny nose and announced that since no one at daycare had RSV he probably had conjunctivitis. Now I have seen kids with pink eye, and this was just not one of them. Neither of my other boys ever had RSV, so I did not know much about it, but after about 5 minutes of research on the Internet, I was convinced that he had it. So I called nurse back the next day and was told that although he probably does have RSV, they won't do anything for him anyway, because his O2 levels were OK.

Baby who did not feel very good.

Tuesday was the Science Fair. John did " Which brand of Popcorn pops the most kernels" and Noah did "Which paper airplane flies the farthest" They both got blue ribbons, and Noah even got a medal for a perfect score. Way to go boys!

The same day that we took Ben in, I called my Dr. to see if I could get my sore throat checked out. Sure enough, I had strep. So we took Thursday off and then had a snow storm on Friday, so we had a nice long weekend vegging out in front of the TV.

Randy's sore throat started on Saturday, then last night John started complaining about a sore throat, and had a fever too. We could not get in until 4:30 t0day with John, but he has strep too, and can't go back to school until Wednesday. Since Randy and I go to the same Dr. they just called in a prescription, so he got off easy.

Noah has complained of a sore throat and a tummy ache too, but has not gotten a fever yet. He has still been running around the house acting like a crazy child, so I don't think he is suffering from his illness. The little stinker is probably the carrier.

Ben is still having problems with congestion. He seems to have a good day, then a bad day, a OK night then a very bad night. Randy was trying to comfort him last night, while I was trying to rest and all of a sudden he started yelling, "I feel a tooth, I feel a tooth". I checked and it was true. There is a tooth coming in on his bottom right side. Even with all the sickness, he seems to be progressing. He started to sway when some music came on the TV as if he were dancing, tried to clap, is dropping toys in his container, and is doing a much better job of pivoting and catching himself when he falls over.

The boys both got hair cuts last weekend (that's probably why we are all sick). Noah wanted me to give him a Mohawk, so I did, then took a picture before cutting the rest off. Here is a picture of him hamming it up for the camera.

Here is the Willey clan at John's Basketball game last weekend.