Monday, March 2, 2009

All Better

Well, the strep throat is gone, and last week we were finally able to get in to Ben's Dr. to get some antibiotic for his sinus infection. After just 2 doses his nose stopped running and he seemed to be his happy self again. He even seems to enjoy taking the pink stuff and has not given me any problems.

This weekend was John's last basketball game. They played Syracuse early Saturday morning, and the weather was bad. It was still snowing lightly and the roads were snow packed and slick. Right after we went by, there was a head-on accident just South of Elmwood that required 3 ambulances. It was no one we knew, but we still felt bad for them. At least there were no fatalities. Anyway John's team lost the first game by 2 and tied the second game. Since they only have 8 players, the boys were pretty tired by the end of the second game. Overall they had a great season. I was really proud of how much they learned. I was also proud of Randy for trying to teach them the basics, even though they only got to practice once per week.
Saturday was a Little Star's Swimming event at the Cooper Y in Lincoln. Ben loved the water and laughed and kicked and had fun. At first he did not really want to stand in the water, but he soon got over that. John came too and had fun playing with the sister of a girl with Down syndrome. Noah was not making good choices on Saturday and got to stay home with Dad. I think they had fun at home too.

Last week my cousin brought over some of her son's outgrown clothes. Included in the box were a bunch of ties. We spent most of the weekend practicing how to tie a tie. Both boys sported ties to church that weekend.