Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Extravaganza

Last Saturday was the Holiday Extravaganza in Elmwood. There were lots of activities going on that day, including a visit from Santa, and a free family movie. At the last minute I decided to sign up to have a booth at the craft fair/garage sale at the roller skating rink. It was tons of fun. John set up his "bead your own bracelet" table again, and the kids had a blast. I had my jewelry, crochet and some Christmas crafts.
Across the isle from me was Kelli from Whoa Nellie Jellies. She has the most wonderful fruit and jalapeno jellies. You would think they would be hot, but they are not. Anyway the name of the product seemed familiar to me, and I thought she might be the sister of a girl I used to work with. So I asked her if she had a sister named Shannon and she did. I have not seen Shannon in years (she quit work after having a baby), but I remembered her bringing in the jelly. Kelli's daugher Olivia, was fond of beading, so she hung out in our booth with John and his friend Wyatt most of the day. She became my little helper ( John bailed pretty early and went to play pool).
Just after Lunch Randy brought Ben and traded him for John. The older boys had to go to church to practice for the youth led service that was being done the next day. Olivia was really helpful with Ben. There was one questionable moment when Ben spit up on her, but she held together well. She strolled him around and finally got him to sleep.
Today when I got my copy of the Elmwood newsletter, I was surprised to see picutres of Ben, Olivia, Kelli and myself among the craft fair picutres. Click here to link to the Elmwood Newsletter. Our pictures are about half way down, so keep scrolling.

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving. The first picture is of 8 month old Sam on a rare occasion when he was laying still. He is quite the little go getter. The next picture is of Emma on the swing. She had her hair all curled, and it was so pretty. The next picture is of all the cousins and the last one is of my boys.