Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 3. No more thumb sucking

On Monday the older 2 boys went in for their dental checkup. I am still amazed at how fast their Dentist is. We got there at 8:25 am and were walking out the door by 8:45. X-rays, cleaning, fluoride and consultation all done.

Since Noah still enjoys sucking his thumb, and does not want to give it up, the Dentist and I discussed putting a plate in his mouth to get him to stop. The plate they would put in would have holes in it, so that when he tried to suck his thumb, he would not get any suction, and it would take all the fun out of it.

He sat there and told the Dentist he wanted quit on his own, so we have 2 weeks to give it one last try. Of course in the waiting room as we were leaving he asked me "Mom, the two weeks does not start today, does it?" Sorry Buddy, but I am afraid it does.

Night number one was bad, as I fell asleep in the recliner with Ben, and when Randy took Noah up, he could not find the glove that we had used in the past. Last night we got him a set of gloves, that he put on by himself and said he would wear, but he took the left glove off after he went to bed and sucked his thumb anyway. This morning he said that he did not know how his glove got off last night. It must have slipped. Nice try Noah!

Tonight we are going to have to find the glove where I crocheted an edging to hold a zip tie that will keep the glove on. He does not like this glove, as the ties have to be tight enough to keep him from pulling off the glove, and then they are uncomfortable. If we leave the tail of the zip tie on, he can pull it tighter, to the point of cutting off his circulation, so we have no choice but to cut it off and waste a zip tie. So I usually cut the tail of the zip tie off, but there is no real way to make it smooth, so it scratches him. Of course there is always the problem of finding where he hid the glove, then catching him, and holding him down so we can get the glove on in the first place. Hopefully he will be cooperative tonight.