Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas Play

Sunday was the Christmas program at the Elmwood Christian Church. A few weeks ago, 7 year old Abraham whose Mom Joy was organizing the program, said "Baby Ben needs to be Jesus". We were not sure how it could happen, but then things started falling into place. About a week later I was doing a load of whites and pulled out an old strip of a white sheet. Not quite sure how it got in the wash, but as I pulled it out, I thought to myself that it might work if I put a onesie on Ben and then wrap the sheet around him. The next week we figured out that Ben could sit in his Bubmo seat but needed a way to turn it into a manger. That's when I remembered all the boxes we had over at Dad's left over from the auction. On Saturday, I cut the top to kind of look like straw and drew a manger on the box, then John, Noah and I painted it. It turned out pretty good. It was a bitterly cold day on Sunday but it was warm and toasty in our little church. I realize I am biased, but I sure do think that Ben was the cutest baby Jesus in Elmwood. :)

John was Joseph and Alice was Mary. Ben of course was baby Jesus.

The entire Sunday School got in on the program.