Monday, February 8, 2016

Basketball Fun

This weekend big Brother's team played in their conference championship.  It was a very close high energy game, but the Knights pulled out the win.  Before the game Ben again had fun warming up with the team.  

Thank you to the Dreamer and Hawks families who made the big photo cut out heads of the varsity players from the photos I took for the Booster Club fundraiser .  Ben was so excited to get to hold John's head and cheer for him.  (Only in the pre-game since he does not have enough self control to not smack someone with it during the game)  Sorry for the blurry photos, but he was on the court and I was in the top row with just my phone.  

Ben loves to cheer on his Knights.  He loves it when the band plays and when the cheerleaders lead a crowd cheer during time-outs.  He always encourages those around him to stand up and cheer along.  The Knights are now 19-2 on the year with 2 regular season games left.  Looking forward to the last few games of the season to see how the team goes.