Friday, January 29, 2016

Now He is "Official"

Last week at the basketball game in Milford, Ben went up to one of the referees all by himself,  shook his hand, and "told him a story".  While we were not exactly sure what Ben was trying to tell him, we explained to the ref that Ben likes to pretend he is a referee at games and at home and even has his own shirt. Just before the boys game, that same ref came up and asked Ben to come down to him. He gave Ben a little bag that had an official referee patch in it. Ben was excited but was bummed it wouldn't stick to his shirt like a sticker.  The ref told Randy that he would be in Murdock tonight for the varsity games so we laid out a plan for Ben to wear his shirt, with his new patch.

With the patch now on his shirt, Ben made his way down to the court to meet the referee again.  Ben was a bit more shy tonight, but did pose for a photo with his new referee friend.

The kids were excited to get a visit from Nitro.  Of course Ben had to hold his hand and get a hug.

Since it was the last regular season home game, it was also Parent's night so the boys were all lined up.   It was nice to get a photo of the varsity boys who used to play Small Fry Basketball for Ready Mix Concrete all together.

Ben finished the night by taking about 100 selfies on my phone.  Most of them look like this.  I should have know from all the giggling that he was up to something.  

When I figured out what he was doing,  we took a selfie together. 

It was a fun night of basketball!