Monday, May 12, 2014

New Babies on the Farm

Meet our two newest members to our farm family.  This is Goat (mostly white) and Odie (mostly brown).  Obviously one of the boys worked harder at picking out a name than the other one did.  They are 4-H projects for the fair this year.
This means they will be treasured members of the family until about August at which time they will become a tasty meal for someone else.  Plus if we are lucky, they might help a bit with some of the mowing duties. 

Actually, I am really proud of the boys for saving their Christmas money this long, and buying something that will be both educational and fun.  It also does not hurt that they will recoup most of their money when they sell the goats after the fair.  They are already planning for a bigger better heard of goats next year.  Let's just get through this year, shall we boys? 

All we have to do is keep them in the pen and the coyotes out....for 3 whole months. 

Ben even went out to meet them and liked chasing them around the pen.  However, he was not able to grasp any concept of the electric fence and got way to close on too many occasions.   A little shock won't hurt him too much.  Right?  I remember as kids lining up hand in hand with my cousins and one of us would touch the electric fence.  It was good to be in the middle of that line because the shock was not too bad.  But the person on the far end of the line, generally got a pretty good jolt.  Maybe to be safe, we will only let Ben visit the goats when they are out of the pen.