Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Baseball Season!

Actually it started a couple of weeks ago for Noah as his team as already played 4 games.  They are currently 2 -2  so far.  Of those 4 games I only got to see one.  But luckily, I had my camera at that one game. 

Ben has  been working on his hitting too, but sometimes, he gets the equipment and rules a bit mixed up.   While I know that it is important to learn the rules to games, so that socially Ben gets along with his peers better, there are times when I wonder why we all don't try to hit a golf ball off a baseball tee.    It really is kind of fun.  You should try it some time.  It takes skill.
John is playing Legion ball this year and had his first game yesterday in Omaha.  His schedule is pretty aggressive, and will keep us on our toes getting 2 boys to two different cities that are an hour apart, in time to play 6 o'clock games.  Unfortunately on the days when all three have games, Ben might have to miss out.  Not sure how we can be 3 places at one time.  Maybe by game time I will be able to figure it out.