Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where is My Plate?

I found this old puzzle at our local thrift store this last weekend.  I bought it because every time I looked at it, the song "Set the Table" from the first series of Signing Time came to mind.  Since I am close to becoming and Advanced Signing Time instructor, and I will soon be able to teach older kids as well as babies, I figured it might be a good investment.

A couple hours after taking this picture, I saw that the puzzle was upside down on the floor with the pieces strewn about the dining room floor.   Ben had gotten into it, which is fine, except the plate was nowhere to be found.  I looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere.....the dining room, living room, under sofas and chairs, in toy boxes, even the trash, but it was gone.

As a last resort I looked to  Ben, showed him the puzzle  and asked, "where is the plate?"  Normally he would say "Ummm", and tap his chin like he was thinking, which is cute, but not very helpful.

Not this time

To my complete suprise he said"Oh? Plate? Yeah. C'mere." and took me by the hand.  He led me to the laundry room (a place he is really not supposed to be).  He pulled the front cover off the toe kick of the freezer (something I did not really realize came off so easily) and started feeling around.  I was speechless when he pulled his hand out and handed me the plate.  What the $%^& ?  Had I just discovered his secret stash?  As it turned I had not, since there was nothing more than some dust bunnies under there.   Not sure what possed him to put the plate there or when the little sneak did it without being heard or seen, or how he even knew the cover just popped of like that.

But thinking back on it,  this incident just remineded me of how much information he is able to take in, process and remember. When I held up the puzzle with all the pieces in place execpt for the plate he knew exactly what I wanted, remembered where he put it a couple hours earlier and was able to communicate with me that he could find it and took me to it.

Now if he can just lead me to where he hides all his tippy cups we will be all set.