Sunday, January 6, 2013

Career Aspirations?

Ben loves to go to his brother's basketball games.  He cries when he sees them leave the house wearing a uniform if he is not going too.  This year at games he is starting to pay more attention to watching the games and the referees. 

He loves sign language and becuase of this he is naturally drawn to the signs the referees make.  He loves to imitate and now if there is room, he runs up and down the bleachers with the referees.  In addition to the real games he attends, Ben has a very busy schedule refing imaginary games every day of the week.  It does not matter if he is in all the hallway, on a sidewalk or in a gym, any wide open space means there is a game to ref.  I love how he uses his imagination like this.  Please enjoy this clip of him in action.  Sorry that my autofocus could not always keep up with him.