Saturday, September 22, 2012

Technology is SO COOL

       As I sit here at my computer, after watching via a web cam, the National Buddy Walk Video that was shown in Times Square this morning, I am amazed at how cool technology really is.  That I can be in Nebraska, and still see live action in Times Square, and grab a screen print that allowed me to capture the exact moment my sweet little guy was shown on the Sony screen is blowing my mind.  Granted, it is not the best picture.  It is dark and grainy, and it is just a tiny rectangle underneath a giant beer bottle, but it is still so cool.    I overlaid the actual photo, so you can see what it would have looked like if you were much closer.   If you look closely, you can make out his outline and drum stick.

Thank you to the NDSS for putting together a video that promotes the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.  Thank you for sending a link for the webcams out to all the loved ones who could not be there, so we could feel like we are a part of the day. It is truly amazing!