Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of School

 Not sure where the time has gone, but the first day of school came and went by quickly.   Can't believe I have an 8th and 5th grader already.  John and Noah are not happy about Ben's afternoon preschool this year, since it means they have to get up and get on the bus at 6:50. So far we have only had 1 incident of over sleeping, and that was yesterday. 

 Tried to get a photo of them getting on the bus that first day, but missed.  At least I got a photo of the bus before it drove off.  

Ben was ready for school too.  I was impressed by how quickly he could get his backpack on all by himself.  

 Once he hit the front door of school, he was all business.  There was no looking back or hugging Mom.  He was ready to go.  I am pretty sure he had a great day, filled with lots of activity.

I know because this is what he looked like 5 minutes after I picked him up from school.

Now a few weeks later, we have only had one day where he did not fall asleep after he got home from school, but usually it is just a quick cat nap.  It is much easier getting him ready for school this year too.  Maybe it is because he is maturing, maybe it is because we have more time, or maybe it is becasue his brothers are not around to bother him.  Either way it is nice to have him excited and helpful when it is time to go to school.