Friday, June 3, 2011

It Happens

I have read about this sort of thing happening on other Mom's blogs.  I have laughed with them about it, but up until now I had not ever felt their pain.  Today all that changed.......   

Disclaimer:  The next few paragraphs of this post may be disturbing to some with a weak stomach.  Please continue at your own risk.

It was about time for Ben to wake up from his afternoon nap.  We needed to head into town to pick up Noah's from a friends house.  As I was heading down the hall toward his room.  The smell hit me like a wall.
He had pooped.
I flipped on the light while trying to figure out why the smell was soooo bad.
Then I saw the little stinker.  Literally.
His diaper was off and he was happily throwing some poop up in the air.  It was caked up both arms and there was a smelly little blob of it in his hair. 
He went to suck his thumb and I was able to grab it right before he got it to his mouth.
We ran to the bathroom to wash his hands, but after 3 washes it would just not come off.  Time for a bath.  It took a good twenty minutes of soaking to get it all off. 
The little turd had thrown his own little turds all over the bedroom.  At least it had not been loose.  Then it would have been smeared over the whole bedroom.
As I was cleaning up it made me realize that I never should have put such a think pile carpet in that room.  If it ever has to be replaced we are so going to go with commercial carpet all the way.  It is so much easier to clean than shag!

OK.  Gross part over.  Ben is recovering OK from a respiratory infection that he came down with the week before he was supposed to get his tonsils, adenoids out and new tubes in.  We are desperately trying to keep him well.  I can not begin to imagine how many germs he exposed himself to today.  I really hope this does not set up back again.  New surgery date is set for June 14.

  Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks.

John getting his All-Star's Certificate from Mrs. Kuhlman.

Ben messing around at the table.  

John at bat. 

Noah, my little tree hugger.

Ben playing with Noah's glasses...Right before he broke them.