Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home from the Hospital

We got home from the hospital today.  Everything went well, except for the speed of getting dismissed.  Ben did great!  He was so ready to go home.  Even last night he would grab my hand, lead me to the stroller and beg to be put in it. 

He is eating and drinking like a champ.  You can tell when the pain meds are wearing off, because he starts getting really cranky.  Every now and then he will hold his mouth and cry a little.  I was hoping that we would like to snuggle more, but he is very independent.  The hardest part of the recovery will be the order for quiet play for 2 weeks.  Are you kidding me?  He was playing basketball in the play room already last night.  The hoop was the perfect hight for practicing his slam dunks.

He got a good nap after we got home and we are hoping for a good night's sleep tonight.  He was not a fan of people coming in all night to mess with him last night, especially if the blood pressure cuff was involved. 

Already after just one day without his tonsils and adenoids, his speech seems a bit clearer.  Ben likes to mimic any words he hears, and we are hoping that with the new tubes he will be hear better too.
We are so glad to be home!

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and support!