Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bath Time Fun!

The other day I heard Ben in the bathroom, so I asked John to check on him. You may remember a previous bathroom incident we had with toilet paper, if not check here. John came out and said, "I think he wants to take a bath". When I asked why he replied, "because he is already in the tub playing with his toys. I ran in to find Ben having the best time playing in the tub. I grabbed the camera, and snapped a couple of shots, and said "Ben how in the world did you get in there"? So he climbed out to show me, then climbed right back in. However, his climbing in is more like falling in. When I told him to be careful, or he would bonk his head, he proceeded to purposely bonk his head and then giggle. It was hilarious. Thanks for keeping us laughing Ben!
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